videoPlaceHolderNov2016Sometimes stress is completely overwhelming. Drowning in the deadlines and expectations and feeling exhausted all the time. Desperate to juggle home and work, you feel you are failing on all levels.
Struggling with anxiety is a terrible place to be. The relentless thoughts that spin out of control.Sleep is disturbed and the frustration is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Living every day with the fear you’re going to loose it and feeling the shame and embarrassment that you can’t control this anxiety.

There is an answer.
One out of 6 Canadians struggle with anxiety and it is completely treatable and curable. With the tools and techniques I have been teaching for the past 13 years, my clients have been able to shift from a place of helplessness to feeling themselves again.
What a sense of freedom, relief, and joy knowing that you are in complete control once again.

Right now, call  905-746-0766 or  email for a 30 minute free consultation on how I can help you.

"You gave me the tools and clarity of mind to aspire for great things, for that I will forever be indebted to you. I have made enormous gains in both my personal and professional life in the past year and have chosen to focus on my clarity of purpose and positive influences. Through that focus I have been given some incredible opportunities that have changed my life for the better.-J.B.

I knew that there was someone that I could go to and that she made me feel like I was not alone in how I felt and thought.  She endeavoured to keep in touch with me after my session not as a consultant but coach and friend.  She was more than just a therapist for me!-D.Z.

Talking to Heidi is like talking to a really smart best friend.” N.P.-Burlington

My office is located at 293 Dundas
St East-Side entrance PO Box 847
Waterdown On L0R 2H0
I can be reached by calling 905-634-9291 or 905-746-0766.


293 Dundas St East
PO Box 847 
Waterdown On L0R 2H0
T:905-634-9291 Cell: 905-746-0766   Fax: 289-288-4686  E:



Heidi Cowie

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