The Ingredients to Sanity


What kind of person do you want to be? Are you ready to change YOUR story and move

Take the next step to change your focus, make new choices, and create a new story.
Come along side me as we explore The Ingredients to Sanity.

This half day seminar is ideal for caregivers, leadership teams, and volunteer support staff.

During our time together you will learn:

• How to create a positive perspective
• Release yourself from the “Dreaded Drama Triangle”
• How to move from a victim to a creator
• Identify the belief systems that are holding you back
• Uncover what desire is drawing you vs. what need is pulling you

Take the next step to change your focus, make new choices, and create a new story.
Do you want to explore The Ingredients to Sanity?

If so, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I may serve you, your workplace, or community to move forward.

Please call 905-746-0766 or email me and we can discuss a strategy for your continued success.


"Heidi is excellent! I love how she teaches. She is humorous, helpful, and insightful and I learned so much”
- Diane, workshop participant

 " I love how simple Heidi makes it to learn new tools to cope with my anxiety"
- Debra-client

These are some of the interactive and topical subjects we will be covering:
    Our unconscious and conscious belief systems
    The impact of our stories
    Brain physiology
    Human drivers
    Personal values
    The value of stillness of mind
    Anticipatory stress and management

 "Heidi is an inspiring teacher and motivator! She presents her concepts in a thorough and easy to apply way"

For more information please contact Heidi at:



293 Dundas St East
PO Box 847 
Waterdown On L0R 2H0
T:905-634-9291 Cell: 905-746-0766   Fax: 289-288-4686  E:



Heidi Cowie

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