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 The beauty of being of service to others is the ability to provide multiple solutions to individual problems or situations. Not one tool will fix all- it requires a rich tapestry of many different approaches. I believe that people come to me wanting answers and some want me to tell them what to do. People are feeling a general state of confusion or discontent that has become the norm rather than an "off day."

 Most of the time we are trapped in our habits of thought and these can be changed through the right questions.

 What is the ideal outcome that you want? If you had it, how would you know? If the problem that is staring you in the face were not there, what could you do, be, or have? Is there anything you are avoiding or resisitng? 

The quality of the questions gets the person to start their journey of self-discovery and that's where all the fun starts! Also consider that our brains are creatures of habit and everytime we think a thought our neurons fire and wire. To unwire these neurons takes a circuit breaker and a new thought which is repeated until the old thought does not exist. 

There is power and relief when we reach for a thought that makes us feel better. Rather than get mired in negativity and victimhood, think of something that makes you less stressed. Your brain doesn't know the difference between real or imagined- either one will produce the response of relief that you are after.

Those are some of the strategies for your tool kit. I invite you to see what else can unfold by booking an appointment of discovery. 

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