The Mind Rules-Filters and Perceptions

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" Once I shed my ideas of how things should be, I became free to respond to my experience exactly as it was and exactly as I was, right there and right then."

When we study our belief systems, it is also important to realize that our minds are seperate from our brains. The brain can perform 100 trillion calculations every second. What a glorious machine but it's a calculator. It is our minds that interpret the data. 

The mind is the part that feels like "you" and is a pattern of nerve connectiuons in the brain. 

Your own mind is creating the world you live in-everything is filtered and these filters were created in part, unintentionally. 

I saw a client the other day who has been struggling with depression. Her filter registered depression as a weakness as opposed to someone else who would treat depression as an illness not a character flaw. Same illness with different filters producing very different results.

Choose to feel good. As most of you are aware I am dealing with the grief since my husband died. So I ask myself this question. If I had one emotion that I could experience several times a day every day that would make my life smoother what would it be. For me it is the feeling of gratitude. Before I get out of bed in the morning I will run the list of my gratitudes over until they are deep inside and making me feel whole.

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