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The Precise Art of Steering Conversation

I am often asked to give presentations to business people on improving communication skills. Everyone can benefit from a course in communication but for now, here are some powerful questions that help you steer a conversation.

Navigating Questions

“Set the course,point the way, and adjust for error-designed to assess and adjust-summarize key points-confirm agreement 

“Are we on track?”

 “Did I understand this correctly?”

“Should we table this for now and put it on a list to discuss later?”

 Examining Questions

 These focus on details, specifics, and observable characteristics”

Zooming in on the details 

“What is it made of?”

“How does it work?”

“Can you describe it in terms of a real-life scenario?” 

Experimental Questions 

Invoke the imagination

higher levels of abstract thought and possibilities

people getting to caught up in details these questions raise the altitude 

“What else works like this?”

“What if all the barriers were removed?”

“What are we missing?” 

Closing Questions

Moves people toward commitment, decisions and action

“How can we prioritize these options?”

“What can we do in the next two weeks?”

“Who is going to do what?”

 Depending on how you want to direct the flow of the conversation will determine the type of questions you use.




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