Worrying,Stress, and Sleep-Tips on Being Healthier

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When I am giving talks in the community, three questions usually come up.
1. How can I stop worrying?
2. How can I stress out less?
3. How can I sleep better?

All three issues are linked. When we worry it stimulates our natural stress response which increases our adrenaline, blood pressure, and heart rate which in turn, prevents us from winding down and/or wakes us up at night.
Intellectually,people know that worrying is useless but they are in a habit of thought. The brain will keep defaulting to the worrisome thought. When you start to worry, ask yourself "where is the proof?" "what are the other possibilities?" "Could there be a more positive outcome?"

Stress is similar.The latest research shows that we actually construct reality rather than just perceive it.When we view a situation or person as stressful then so be it. We create it and we can transform it.
Being present is a powerful tool since a fair amount of stress comes from thinking about what needs to be done next. Think of the task right in front of you-focus on that task- tell yourself"not now" when you feel anxious about the stuff that needs to be done.
List making helps but make sure they are reasonable lists.
I had one client tell me that he came to realize that the work will never get done due to the sheer volume of it and that was OK with him. Sometimes realizing our self expectations are unreasonable helps us to cope better.

Sleep patterns are usually disrupted with stress so if you wake up in the night and there is something on your mind, write it down on some paper. Better out than in!
When we combine counting with eye movements it is a form of hypnosis that relaxes us. Close your eyes and start counting from 25-1 and as you count actually draw the numbers by moving your eyes.
Relaxation is perfect to induce sleep but sadly, people are so stressed that they don't even know what relaxation feels like. You Tube is a great resource for meditative music. Here is one that I have used.

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