Angelic Guidance

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Almost every morning, I start my day with an angel card reading. I figure a bit of celestial advice will never go astray. Today's card read" Ask for help from others"
I have recently quit my 3 month job as a part time bereavement counsellor and I had no idea how exhausted I had become. I was working 6 days a week between my practice and the funeral home and then saw the light. I asked for other people to help me which does not come easily for a lot of us-including me. Thank you for all the like minded people in my life that helped me see there is way more to living than working. It's fun to actually practice what you preach. Ooops!
The experience was enriching on so many levels and I am proud and humbled to have helped people when they were at their most vulnerable. I also have a huge respect for funeral directors. I call them the ultimate event planners who can make no mistakes! Thanks for the education.
In case you are wondering where to buy angel cards,I buy my cards at Circle of Lighti n Waterdown which has a huge selection of everything fun and fabulous

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Heidi Cowie

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