Heaven is a Rainy Sunday

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I bounded out of bed this morning with absolute delight that I heard rain. The sweet elixir of all gardens desperate for moisture. A day to clean closets and write or watch movies and do absolutely nothing. Most people get so excited about sunny days but me, I love the rain. When the sun comes out tomorrow the plants will spring into growth and gratitude. Choose to stay in a place of gratitude for all the blessings and abundunce that are in your life-even if it is a bit rainy.

Into our lives a little rain must fall

My new awakening meditation is to visualize my heart being surrounded by millions of sparkling crystals of love dancing and playing around my heart. I then send these crystals up to my angels and send love and gratitude while I list everything in my life I am thankful to have or experience. I purposefully do not attach to lack besides, there is no lack-its all just perception. I continue to send love to my angels and I breathe into my heart as if my heart was breathing me. When I start thanking my toilet for flushing I know its time to wrap up and start the day.


True Meaning of Motherhood in My Opinion ❤

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To me, the definition of Motherhood is someone who nurtures. Caring for a child in your womb for months and then giving birth creates a lifelong bond that cannot be broken, even by separation. However, it's the nurturing of a child throughout life that, to me, represents motherhood. If a child knows that there is someone he or she can count on during difficult times, as well as someone to share the wonderful times with, their development will be enhanced. This nurturing presence is symbolized by motherhood, whether that nurturing is provided by the birth mother, an adoptive parent, a grandmother, an aunt or a father or a step parent . While some of us are not mothers, all of us are someone's child. If we had a mother who was neglectful or abusive, it affects us for life. The cause for this neglect or abuse may stem from mental illness, emotional scars from the woman's own childhood abuse or a self-centeredness that is intrinsic to her personality. If the children of these women are fortunate, they may find a more appropriate mother figure in a grandmother, an aunt or even the mother of a friend. If they are not so fortunate, they may struggle throughout life to learn what it is to love and be loved. We need to understand that no mother is perfect and no human will make the right call for their child's well-being every time. So today I Wish Everyone a Good Mothers Day , enjoy your day and weekend and realize your doing the best you can do at this time in life and that things are always evolving in the Universe to make it better for all. Whether you are on your own today or with your family , enjoy the warm existence of yourself as a fabulous person. Take a walk in nature, read a good book, take some photos of things you like. Reach out and smile to another... It may just make their and your day ❤️ From the desk of guest blogger Sherrie Cooper

The Mindful Communicator

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The Precise Art of Steering Conversation

I am often asked to give presentations to business people on improving communication skills. Everyone can benefit from a course in communication but for now, here are some powerful questions that help you steer a conversation.

Navigating Questions

“Set the course,point the way, and adjust for error-designed to assess and adjust-summarize key points-confirm agreement 

“Are we on track?”

 “Did I understand this correctly?”

“Should we table this for now and put it on a list to discuss later?”

 Examining Questions

 These focus on details, specifics, and observable characteristics”

Zooming in on the details 

“What is it made of?”

“How does it work?”

“Can you describe it in terms of a real-life scenario?” 

Experimental Questions 

Invoke the imagination

higher levels of abstract thought and possibilities

people getting to caught up in details these questions raise the altitude 

“What else works like this?”

“What if all the barriers were removed?”

“What are we missing?” 

Closing Questions

Moves people toward commitment, decisions and action

“How can we prioritize these options?”

“What can we do in the next two weeks?”

“Who is going to do what?”

 Depending on how you want to direct the flow of the conversation will determine the type of questions you use.




The Mind Rules-Filters and Perceptions

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" Once I shed my ideas of how things should be, I became free to respond to my experience exactly as it was and exactly as I was, right there and right then."

When we study our belief systems, it is also important to realize that our minds are seperate from our brains. The brain can perform 100 trillion calculations every second. What a glorious machine but it's a calculator. It is our minds that interpret the data. 

The mind is the part that feels like "you" and is a pattern of nerve connectiuons in the brain. 

Your own mind is creating the world you live in-everything is filtered and these filters were created in part, unintentionally. 

I saw a client the other day who has been struggling with depression. Her filter registered depression as a weakness as opposed to someone else who would treat depression as an illness not a character flaw. Same illness with different filters producing very different results.

Read more: The Mind Rules-Filters and Perceptions


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I have been asked to speak at the Breast Cancer Support Network meeting this Thursday and the theme is memories. So I did some research on this subject because I had a hunch there's more to memories than meets the eye. Turns out I was on the right track.

We remember three things: changes;significant moments; and endings. I found this fascinating when you think of all the stuff we do in our lifetime and you would think that the tapestry of memories ought to be larger. In fact, our brains can only process a certain amount of data and therefore, cleverly categorizes it.

Read more: Memories

Power of Perception

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"if our perceptions are really mental constructs conditioned by past experiences and present expectations, then what we focus on and how we focus becomes important factors in determing our future." Rinpoche

Our perceptions create our reality so if we perceive ourselves to be worthless than no matter what our true qualities are we experience worthlessness. Our perceptions create our lives and to live a life in flow means keeping our eyes wide open to all experiences.

My new course takes people through the many steps to create flow and by completion you will know:

  • How to move from feelings of lack and doubt to a knowing that all is well. 
  • Feel completely involved in what you are doing and be able to focus and concentrate
  • Great inner clarity with an acceptance of intuition
  • A sense of calm and the ability to focus on the present
  • Feeling the difference between being in flow versus pushing the river 

We will be meeting starting June 26 4-5PM on a teleconference call and will meet for 6 consecutive Thursdays.Please visit my site for futher information 


293 Dundas St East
PO Box 847 
Waterdown On L0R 2H0
T:905-634-9291 Cell: 905-746-0766   Fax: 289-288-4686  E: Heidi@heidicowie.com



Heidi Cowie

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